Oneness Awakening

What is Awakening?

Awakening occurs when “you” 1 seem to disappear, and operate only in the now. When this state is permanent, you are said to be "awakened".

After getting a number of Oneness blessings, however, many people experience what might be termed, an “awakened state.” The awakened state includes laughter, accompanied by a feeling of joy that starts for no reason at all.

Because “you” return, such oneness states are not the same as permanent awakening. The peace goes away and the mind chatter returns.   When the elation goes, you might even feel down for a while. And if you resist the down part, you might stay there for some time, because what you resist persists. But at some point, you experience another Oneness state, only the joy is a little stronger and the next down period, if it occurs, is a little less.

The Energy in a Oneness Blessing

If you want a perfect example of how an awakened being lives, read Byron Katie’s A Thousand Names for Joy. Another example is in Stuart Mooney’s book American Buddha.

Oneness University says that you can think of yourself as awake when all feelings that you are willing to fully experience disappear within 30 minutes. This doesn’t mean that you stop thinking about a feeling and then, two days later, it comes up again. It means that the feeling is gone and won’t come up again in the same situation or in the same person. When that happens, you are beginning to awaken.

Gradually, the time required to release a feeling becomes less and less until suddenly the feeling flows through you without any attachment at all.The process takes seconds, (or virtually no time at all). At that point, the “awakening” 2 is permanent

[1] That is, your sense of self as a separate existence.
[2] Byron Katie, considered by Van K Tharp, Ph.D to be an awake person, says that she doesn’t know what “awakening really is.”   Instead, she says that you just “awaken to one belief at a time.”

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