Oneness Awakening

What is God Realization?

God Realization means oneness with your personal divine.  The following is a potential path to God Realization:

  1. First, you might simply have disbelief.
  2. Then, you might have a belief in the divine.
  3. Next, you might have faith.
  4. Next, you begin to discover your divine.
  5. Next, you begin to form a deep bond with your divine. This occurs when there is a mutual dependency.
  6. Through a deep bond, more understanding occurs.
  7. Then, the bond becomes much stronger and deeper. Soon, you can ask for anything and your divine will give it to you.
  8. Then, even more understanding occurs.
  9. Through that understanding, the bond becomes even stronger and deeper.
    This cycle of a stronger bond, followed by more understanding, and then a stronger bond still, may continue for a long time.
  10. Eventually, you become one with your divine. There is no longer any separation. You are God realized.
Both Awakening and God Realization are simply the beginning of a new journey.


" A while I work with Him to serve His purpose.  Then I lose myself in my Identity and recognize that Christ is but my Self."
Lesson 353 - from A Course in Miracles Today

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