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Case Study

We had the opportunity to do some preliminary EEG brain mapping studies on a young spiritually evolved woman from Sweden. She is a disciple of Amma and Bhaga­van of the Golden City in Southern India.

We recorded eight channels of EEG while she was resting with closed and open eyes and while she was giving Deeksha to a number of persons. We also recorded the EEG and brainmaps of several persons before and after they received Deeksha from our test subject. These studies were done in the Spring of 2005 at New Brain – New World in Symbion Science Park, Copenhagen.

We are aware that none of the hypotheses and speculations put forward here can be verified before more controlled studies have been done.

The Deeksha energy seems to be transmitted through the brain’s left prefrontal area. We hypothesize that the Deeksha (energy transfer between two persons) initiates Kunda­lini Awakening and prepares for a shift in the brain’s command center.

On several occasions we had the opportunity to record the EEG of our test subject while she was giving Deeksha to other persons.  Before the Deeksha, the transmitting person connected to her inner Guru (Amma or Bhagavan). After that she looked the receiving person in the eyes for a short period of time and, while closing her eyes, she then put her hands on the recipient’s head while concen­trating on transmitting the energy. The below brain maps show the different phases of the Deeksha process.

EEG Scan Results

While the Deeksha giver was looking the subject in the eyes transmitting energy, there was an increase of fast Beta1 and Beta2 activity in the left prefrontal lobe, indicating an activation of that area. After that she put her hands on the head of the recipient, now concentrating with closed eyes on transmitting energy. A few seconds later the brainmap showed intense, high frequency Beta1/Beta2 activity in the left prefrontal and temporal areas but only for a few seconds. A closer look at the frequency spectrum also showed strongly increased Gamma activity up to 40Hz. One minute later, still with closed eyes, the left frontal area relaxed and the fast brain wave activity was substi­tuted by widespread Theta and Alpha activity in the brain.

EEG Scan Results

The Deeksha activates the frontal area in the receiving person. The brainmaps below are from a person who received Deeksha from our test subject. Immediately after the Deeksha the prefrontal area of the brain was activated in the recipient where Alpha and Theta activity increased by 60%. Since Alpha activity in the baseline condition reflects blood flow in the brain, this is an indication of more blood and energy to the prefrontal area – the brain’s new command center. Such changes (from 20%-100%) were found in several subjects after receiving Deeksha. The brain­map below is an example of how the Alpha spreads toward the frontal areas following Deeksha.

EEG Scan Results

It is interesting to note that the increase of Alpha/Theta in the left frontal area which many subjects show after Deeksha is probably related to the widespread giggling and laughing in these people during and after the process. The left prefrontal area is, according to Richard Davidson, the center of positive feelings such as joy, happiness and compassion. Thus, the giggling often following Deeksha may be seen as a first symptom of left frontal ("Jolly Lobe") activation.

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