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Moola Mantra

The Moola Mantra is basically a mantra which states the names of God in Sanscrit. According to the World English Dictionary, a mantra is "any sacred word or syllable used as an object of concentration and embodying some aspect of spiritual power". Chanting the Moola Mantra has effects that are similar to receiving a blessing. The Moola Mantra includes:

Sat Chit Ananda
Sri Bhagavathi Sametha
Sri Bhagavathe Namaha

For those who have chanted or even listened to it, the Moola Mantra has given great peace and joy to people all around the world. It has the power to transport one’s mind to the state of Causeless Love and Limitless Joy. The calmness that this mantra can give is to be experienced, not spoken about.

All auspiciousness and serenity is yours simply by chanting or listening to this magnificent Moola Mantra. Even without knowing the meaning of it, this chant carries divine power. But when you know the meaning and chant with feeling in your heart, the energy will flow a million times more powerfully.

The Sanskrit words in the Moola Mantra mean:


Om - It is said “In the beginning was the Supreme Word (Vac) and the Word created everything. That Word is Om.” It is the primordial sound by which the whole universe vibrates. This divine sound has the power to create, sustain, and destroy, giving life and movement to all that exists.

Sat is the all-penetrating Existence that is formless, shapeless, and omnipresent; it is the unmanifest experienced as the emptiness of  the Universe. It is the body of the Universe that is static. Everything that has a form and that can be sensed evolved out of this Unmanifest. It is so subtle that it is beyond all perception. It can only be seen when it has become gross and has taken form. We are in the Universe and the Universe is in us; we are the effect and the Universe is the cause; and the cause manifests Itself as the effect.

Chit is the Pure Consciousness of the Universe that is the infinite, omnipresent manifesting power of the Universe. Out of this evolved everything that we call dynamic energy or force. It manifests in any form or shape. It is the Consciousness manifesting as motion, as gravitation, as magnetism, etc. It is also manifesting as the actions of the body, as thought force. It is the Supreme Spirit.

Ananda is bliss, love, and the true nature of the Universe. When you experience the Supreme Energy in Creation (Sat), and become one with Existence in experience of the aspect of Pure Consciousness (Chit), you enter into a state of Divine Bliss and Eternal Happiness (Ananda). This is the primordial characteristic of the Universe, which is the greatest and most profound state of ecstasy that you can ever experience when you relate with your higher consciousness.

Parabrahma is the Supreme Being in its Absolute aspect; the One who is beyond space and time. It is the essence of the Universe  that is with and without form. It is the Supreme Creatrix.

Purushothama - Purusha means Soul, and Uthama means the Supreme Spirit. It is the supreme energy force guiding us from the highest world.  Purusha also means humanity and Purushothama is the energy that incarnates as an Avatar to help and guide humanity to relate  closely to this beloved Creation.

Paramatma is the supreme inner energy that is immanent in every creature and in all beings, living and nonliving. It is the Indweller, the Antaryamin, who resides formlessly or in any form desired. It is the force that can come to you to guide and help you whenever and wherever you want.

Sri Bhagavathi
is the female aspect of the Divine, which is characterized as the Supreme Intelligence in action, the Shakti Power. It is referred

to as the Mother Earth/Divine Mother aspect of Creation.

Sametha means “together" or "in communion with".

Sri Bhagavathe is the male aspect of the Divine Creation, which is unchangeable and permanent.

Namaha is the salutation or prostration to the Universe that is Om. Namaha has the qualities of Satchitananada, which is omnipresent, unchangeable and changeable at the same time. It is the Supreme Spirit in human form and formlessness; the Indweller that can guide and help in the feminine and masculine forms with Supreme Intelligence.

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