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Oneness TV

  Oneness TV
Oneness TV on the Web
Oneness University announced the official release of its Oneness TV web presence.

This site offers a large collection of the teachings and experiences of Oneness. You can learn about Oneness directly from Sri Bhagavan, as well as watch many other videos associated with Oneness.

Expect many more videos in the upcoming weeks.
Oneness now says that blessings will be much stronger if you only slightly touch the head or keep your hands very slightly off the head (perhaps so the other person only just notices you are there).

In addition, summon the presence and ask for that presence to transfer into the receiver of the blessing.

Blessings are Everywhere! Below, Van receives a blessing from an elephant.
Van K Tharp in India

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The Awakened One does everything out of joy. The unawakened one does everything for pleasure.

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