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Interviews, Meditations & More
Doug Bentley Video   Oneness guide, Doug Bentley,shares the energy of the Oneness Movement.

This beautiful, powerful & professional video is a gift from Julie Desmond of Colorado, and has been approved by Oneness University for use in Facebook, websites, newsletters and email campaigns.  You may also use it during Deeksha groups and other gatherings.

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Doug Bentley   Enjoy this interview with Doug Bentley sponsored by Conscious Media Network.

Oneness University TV

Oneness University

The Oneness University Channel offers a large collection of videos about the teachings and experiences of Oneness. Enjoy a wide selection of videos on topics such as Oneness Meditation, the Oneness Experience, the Miracles of Oneness, and much more.

On Oneness TV, you can learn about Oneness directly from Sri Bhagavan, as well as watch many other videos associated with Oneness.


Enjoy the following short lectures from Sri Bhagavan (and much more):

What is enlightenment?
Enlightenment and Deeksha
The Phenomenon and Consciousness
The Mind
Fear and Awakening
Look at Your Life
The Future of the Planet

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